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The Argothald Journal

Musings of a physicist, a witch, and a gamer

William Seligman
I'm a physicist by profession and a witch by belief. My job is administering computer systems, but I read Tarot cards at renaissance festivals. At the heart of this intersection of science and spirit is me: rune carver, cook, teacher, student, amateur astronomer, and cat lover. The central philosophy of my life? "I can't sing. I can't dance. I can't act. But I never let that stop me!"

Here are the key phrases for searches and the like: I'm a Wiccan poly pagan gamer (RPG, WoW, LARP) and a(n) SF, science, and computer geek.

That's more than forty years of life experience condensed into a single string of adjectives and nouns. Ain't language wonderful?

Why "Argothald"? Here's the answer.