William Seligman (wgseligman) wrote,
William Seligman

Arkham Horror - part II

On the night before Thanksgiving, I got an unexpected call from Arthur. He said Mike was in town, had heard that I had a Lovecraft board game, and asked if they could both come over and play Arkham Horror. I asked, "Now?" Response: "Yes."

I'd planned to spend my evening doing other things (well, playing World of Warcraft or Skyrim), but what the heck? Let's play a game. I quickly pushed the cat food into the bedroom and moved furniture around to create space for the huge game board.

I'm so glad I did. We all made mistakes, both in playing the game and interpreting the rules. We still had loads of fun. With three players, the game was just as complex as I noted in my review; parts of the game became simpler with more players, parts became harder.

At the end, the Great Old One we fought was Hastur. The mad god pounded on our sanity. First my character fell, then Arthur's. Finally it came down to one single die roll by Mike: make the roll, and Hastur perished; fail and the world was devoured.

Mike did it! We won!

This is why I enjoy gaming so much: The delight of unexpected and challenging moments that can be shared with friends.
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