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Isaac's influence - a query

My name is William Seligman. I'm working on a biography of Isaac Bonewits and I could use your help.

I've often read that Isaac was an important influence on the Neopagan, Druid, and Wiccan communities. I agree with that statement, but exactly how did he affect them?

In pursuit of that answer, I ask those who were influenced by Isaac to send me their stories. I'm looking for statements that begin with something like:

"I read something by Isaac and..."

"I listened to one of Isaac's lectures..."

"I was in a ritual with Isaac..."

"I was at a festival and listened to one of Isaac's songs..."

"I saw an appearance by Isaac..."

From there, what did you learn, or change, or do, as a result of what Isaac did?

A couple of caveats: I'm interested in primary sources, where possible; if you'd start out with, "My friend Pat read 'Real Magic' and..." then please ask Pat to write me directly. I know Isaac had a broader influence as, for example, the Arch-Druid of ADF; I'll contact the relevant people in due course. Right now, I'm looking for comments from individuals.

I'm also in the market for "wild Isaac stories" if you have any!

Please send responses to [bonewits.research] of [gmail.com] (and I apologize for the anti-spam obfuscation). Feel free to send them anonymously, though I'd prefer it if you include an munged e-mail address (like I just did) so I can follow up if needed. This minimizes the risk of having spambots obtaining our e-mail addresses.

My background: I am a physicist at Columbia University's Nevis Labs, and a Gardnerian Witch. Isaac was one of my first teachers in the Craft. I am mentioned in Isaac's books "Real Energy" and "The Pagan Man". I am in contact with Phaedra Bonewits, Deborah Lipp, and Sally Eaton, and have their approval for this research.

Please also "boost the signal" by copying or forwarding this post to appropriate sites, blogs, forums, and message boards.

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