William Seligman (wgseligman) wrote,
William Seligman

Switching charities

I need a bit of help.

For the past few years, my charity of choice has been Kiva. They're an organization that helps with small "micro-loans" to help businesses in third-world countries. I started giving to them after being inspired by sabrinamari, who organized a Blue Star team to make regular donations.

I still think the work Kiva does is important. However, recent changes in the political climate have led me to the conclusion that our own country needs some charity right now. In a recent broadcast of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver gave a list of suggested charities in response to our newly-elected government.

The charity I've selected is The Trevor Project, which provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. I'm going to set up a regular monthly donation.

I said I needed help. I would like to make the monthly donations in the name of Mike Pence. I feel it's important that Governor (soon to be Vice-President) Pence be aware of how he's inspired me, a cis-gendered straight white male, to provide support for the LGBTQ community.

The problem is in how to fill out the donation form. It has three sections: the part where you can say you're donating "in honor" of someone, the part where you give your name and address, and the part where you give your credit card information. Obviously, I fill in my own card information in the third section.

How do I fill out the other two sections so that Governor->VP Pence receives a monthly "thank-you" from the The Trevor Project? I want to hear from The Trevor Project for administrative details (e.g., there's a problem with my credit card), but the honor and gratitude belong to Mike Pence.

Incidentally, if you'd like to donate to a charity in the name of Mike Pence, his current email address is MPENCE@state.n.us. I don't yet know what his email address will be after he becomes Vice-Present.
Tags: charity, politics

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