William Seligman (wgseligman) wrote,
William Seligman

Questions about a gaming convention

I was hanging out with a group of friends on Monday night. We started talking about gaming conventions, what we liked and didn't like about the cons we've been to, how we might do things differently.

That got me thinking: Among my gaming friends and connections, we have enough expertise to potentially start a gaming convention of our own. Obviously there are a host of logistic issues we'd have to solve. But the most important issues are: What would attract people to attend a gaming convention?

This blog post is the start of answering that question. If you have any interest in gaming, would you reply to this post and give us some idea:

- What kind of games do you like? Some examples: board games, stand-alone card games (e.g., deckbuilders), collectable card games, miniatures, role-playing games (tabletop or live-action).
- What length of game-play do you enjoy? Short (less than an hour), Medium (2-3 hours), Long (4+ hours)? This might vary depending on the type of game you like.
- Are there any games or styles of games you'd like to try?
- How far would you be willing to travel a to gaming con? (We're probably hold the con somewhere in Rockland or Bergen counties.)
- If you've been to a gaming con before, what did you like? What didn't you like?

One of us is preparing a more structured on-line poll to get some of this information. Until that poll is ready, I thought I'd ask for some informal responses. Just reply to this post with your answers. Feel free to forward it to anyone you know who's a gamer.

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